Q. Why are custom made shade sails more expensive than the standard size shade sails?
A.   Manufacturing a custom shade sail requires more technical knowledge as they are drawn up on a computer first, to work out the correct amount of shrinkage to allow the shade sail to pull up tight once tensioned.   The process passes through multiple hands before ending up on the factory floor, ready to be manufactured.   Part of the design process on the computer, involves utilising the best possible fabric efficiencies with each individual sail and on many occasions, this becomes less efficient than a standard size shade sail, thus incurring more wastage and expense.
Q. Are all Sun Shade Sails Systems the same ?
A. Most definitely not. There are many variances between the systems currently available in the market. This is why we always insist that you look for the  Ezyshade Brand to ensure your peace of mind.   Remember we offer a Plain English 10 Year Warranty on our Sun Shade Sails  
Q. What are some of the major differences between the systems ?
A. All  Ezyshade Sun Shade Sails are made from quality tested synthesis polymer. Our shades are designed and tested to meet and exceed all relevant European Standards for Sun Shade Sails. Some manufacturers use lighter, thinner gauges of material that may not perform as well as the tested  Ezyshade System. Again, look for the  Ezyshade Brand for peace of mind.
Q. Is Ezyshade the only Sun Shade Sail product ?
A. No. There are other systems around the world that produce quality tested sails that  Ezyshade has developed strong working relations with.  The one thing you can be assured of is that every  Ezyshade Sun Shade Sail is made from quality tested polymer fabric and is backed by  Ezyshades 10 Year Plain English Warranty. However there are some manufacturers who use lighter gauge thinner material that may not have the same  thickness as the Ezyshade product. Once again – LOOK for the  Ezyshade  BRAND to ensure your peace of mind.
Q. I have seen cheap Shade Sails on websites and in Garden Centres, should I buy one of these?
A.   The quality of cheap imported Shade sail material is very poor, if you buy an cheap Shade Sail you run the risk of placing posts and fixing points for the sail to fail within the first year leaving you with the only option of buying again and again and again.  Ezyshade sails are manufactured to the highest quality only using Marine grade fittings, and all Ezyshade  installations are backed up by our guarantee and commitment to Quality and service. Another consideration is when you are using a cheap imitation can you be assured that it is giving you the high level of UV sun protection that is required. We have tested several of these importations and found that the shade factor can be as low as 30% due to the light weight and open knitted construction of the sails. After all you can not buy a Bentley for the price of a Ford.
Q. Do Ezyshade Sails need any maintenance?
A.  Basic maintenance and cleaning is recommended to keep your installation looking good. This can be simply done using a hose pipe from below (do not use pressure washers ). It is also advisable to periodically check the connections and the tension of the material to ensure that your installation maintains its original looks and shape. If your Shade Sail is maintained and checked regularly it will guarantee a trouble free long life for your Installation.